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Brand Strategy

Brand strategy answers the big questions. Why do we exist? Who do we exist to serve? How and why are we different? Effective brand strategy requires internal alignment and a user centric focus to understand how your brand is perceived, and how it can grow. It is about thinking, discovery and setting solid foundations.

As the strategy comes to life we can move into expressing the brand across new channels, platforms, and audiences. I develop messaging built on insights unique to you and reveal an authentic story and identity that leads better human–brand experiences.

The process and deliverables could include brand strategy workshops, research, surveys and discovery groups, visual identity creation, internal comms and culture programmes, creative direction, design and marketing strategy.

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Design & Advertising

Do you have a strong brand platform but need some fresh design thinking or creative execution for people to really "get" you?

Working in marketing and as a sustainability consultant has honed my ability to synthesize, create, measure and report. Naturally curious, I ask questions, consider multiple perspectives and have a unique set of skills and experiences to draw from.

Equally at home managing creatives and collaborating in teams as I am to undertaking a solo project; I first establish what the project calls for. If we decide to work together, I remain adaptable but forthright throughout. 

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Illustrations & Reports

I understand the value meaningful communication brings to organisations, allowing them to better understand and serve their people.

Whether conveying purpose though an identity, data and findings through reports, emotion and ideas through words, clarity through photography or video, or a vision through illustration – visual communication is powerful.

The convergence of sustainable business practices and creative communications is what really excites me. I'm hoping to work with clients in the socio-environmental, non-profit and adventure sports areas. If this sounds like you, I'd love to hear about your unique set of challenges.

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